Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Current awareness - Twitter, RSS and Pushnote...

Twitter:  I learned some new aspects carrying out the suggested exercises.  I created a new Twitter account, and Hotmail account address, for the purpose.   I've created a basic profile, with picture, and a few Tweets to get me started and known.  I've also linked in to Tweets (timeline) of other cpd23 participants.  
Hopefully, I'll now receive some responses, and followers even!  I'm also following a few Tweeters, including some library-based, bill gates (the real one?), and the Badger Trust - which is an animal conservation group that I am involved with.   

Now for the rest...  will update as I go through RSS and Pushnote.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


In Thing 3 (my 'brand') I have used the suggested criteria outlined in the CPD23 schedule...

Name used - For general web-based activities I prefer the name 'Gee', but for my Blog I have adopted 'The Creaking Foilist'.   This is related to my retaking-up, after some years absence, the sport of fencing.  My main weapon of choice is the Foil, and after a few sessions some initial aches and pains have crept in - hence the Blog name.

Photograph - It is my own strict rule that I never place pictures of myself (which show my face) on any web/email source etc.  This rule is rigidly adopted due to previous experiences where such uploaded images were used for abusive purposes.  Consequently, I usually use a picture of an animal for an ID image, or if of me, one angled/distanced/obscured as not to display my face (like the one used for my Blog profile).

Professional/personal identity -  I have no problem with mixing my workplace identity with my personal identity.  I have a strict rule though in not web-broadcasting details regarding my personal life, eg. my address, mobile number, personal email address, and family member names etc.   

Visual brand - I haven't such a 'brand' or view of myself really - I take me 'as I come', and feel only those who know me can have a (true) concept of me as an individual.  I could ask them... but risky?   As a general view though, I can say that I like to keep busy, try new things, care a lot about animals, and am careful with money (some would say tight/mean even - and that's OK).  Oh - and I'm definitely cute.

Activity - Searching for my name on Google etc brings up things I am involved with on professional/voluntary levels, eg. animal welfare and other interests, but not, and designed so, personal-based aspects.


After having a browse of quite a lot of blogs created by others (not just CPD23) I have observed that although many have already used social networking, many are new to the 'facility'.  Also, many are not that familiar with the use of computers either - so participating in CPD23 is an opportunity to gain experience in both aspects I feel.

The overwhelming presence and marketing of social networking today, eg. Facebook and Twitter etc, aimed seemingly at (and used in the majority by?) younger groups, can seem daunting for more mature computer users. This aspect also is reflected in quite a lot of blogs I have visited - created by such mature audiences (I think).

Although in general I get the feeling that many bloggers do not mind broadcasting personal and family information, to a degree, all over the WWW, some bloggers have expressed concern and an unwillingness in doing so when participating as part of a role/duty - due to the real risks involved, ie. ID theft, stalkers etc.  

My own opinion... all social networking I feel has real benefits, if controlled and used correctly, which includes self-imposed limitation.  However, even if used as such, it also can have real risks which every participant, willing or otherwise, should be fully aware of.  Consider this...

...as an experienced Phone user...
If a complete stranger contacted you on your phone one evening wanting a 'verbal' chat how would you react?

...as an experienced Blog user...
If a complete stranger blogged you on your computer one evening wanting a 'text' chat how would you react?

And finally - some humour on the subject...

Thursday, 31 May 2012


Firstly - my reason for my ID - 'The Creaking Foilist'... just started back fencing (Foil) after a few years lay off, and now starting to creak a bit - sticking with it though, will ease eventually.

Some info about me and my blog...

I have worked in a number of places in a variety of posts, and am currently a support officer in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) of Neath Port Talbot College.  The LRC primarily offers students, and staff, a range of library and computer facilities and resources.

Although I am not a qualified librarian, as my background has mainly involved IT and computers I am able to utilise my knowledge and experience to assist students and staff in all aspects of their work, and to help resolve any problems they may experience in terms of hardware, software and networking etc.

It would be useful I feel for staff of a similar position to myself to share information via our blogs that suggest fixes, and/or resource links, to particular/common problems that students and staff might experience, such as an online .pdf form that prints as garbage characters.